Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Uncovering "Ol' Painless"

This blogger posted some predictions. I made a comment... posted without further ado or comment.

The blog:

My comment:

Assuming the economy improves, MY predictions:

1. Employees will jump ship to better opportunities at the first chance

2. Employees with skills in demand will leverage those skills to demand higher salaries

3. The mentality among employees and unemployed alike will be mercenary. Think Jesse Ventura in the movie PREDATOR when he uncovers "Ol' Painless" and snarls "Payback time!"


JDayinNH said...

In my opinion, this current economic climate needs to have individuals and corporations pay more attention to "what it is" that retains the person who is the lifeblood of the organization. Loosing those people sinks ships. They are the very IP (intellectual property) the company cannot be lost. The key is helping those individuals gain more happiness and job satisfaction from the current job. This is a true Win-Win scenario. It helps everyone involved, including his or her company's peers and management, to better weather the economic storm resulting in stronger, more valuable employees and more viable corporations that employ them.

Best regards;
John Day
iCandye Consulting, LLC
Founder & CEO
Executive Mentor and Life Coach

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